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The Trade Union Society (TUS) is a not for profit organisation that seeks to provide pro bono opportunities for law students with trade unions. Our volunteers are at different levels of their legal training journey. All students enrolled on a law program are welcomed. We provide training and support for our volunteers prior to linking them with our trade union connections. Volunteers are also required to attend mandatory developmental training and write a minimum of three articles yearly, to maintain an active membership status and improve commercial awareness.


We are always looking for new trade unions to connect with.


The Cleaners & Allied Independent Workers Union: (CAIWU)


The British Association of Social Workers (BASW)


Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB)


United Voices of the World: (UVW)

What Volunteers Say About Us


‘TUS is a big family’

TUS is a big family filled with love and opportunities. I joined the TUS team ...
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‘unmissable opportunity’

Trade Union Society has given me an unmissable opportunity to develop my knowledge about employment ...
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‘Amazing pro bono…’

The TUS has really offered me the most amazing pro bono experience. I got opportunities ...
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We Are Always Looking
For New Connections


Why a windfall tax

If happenstances such as an economic shock inflicted by the pandemic, disproportionately benefit companies like Shell & BP with over £16b in

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Trade Union Society



The TUS aims to be an inclusive, distinctive, socially sustainable, and impactful organisation.

Inclusive – We are inclusive to all prospective and current law students.

Distinctive – We seek to liaise with trade unions with the objective of supporting their members. The support provided leads to the procurement of legal work experience for the Society’s volunteers on an indiscriminate basis.

Socially sustainable – The achievement of social cohesion through the Society’s visibility on social media platforms as a means of nurturing its growth in terms of membership and our network of unions.

Impactful – Through the commitment of our volunteers, we aim to improve access to justice for the marginalised members of our trade union networks, while creating a community of future solicitors and barristers who adopts a holistic approach to the maintenance of the rule of law.


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