Trade Unions

How we work with trade unions?

The law student volunteers of the Trade Union Society (TUS) connects with trade unions with the goal of supporting their members.

Law students provide support through our FUTR program:

Law students provide support through our FUTR program:

1. Fact-finding – Law students work with our union connections to act as the initial point of contact for work-related concerns by assisting caseworkers or trade union representatives to collect and collate raised facts-in-issue.  This assistance enables the union representatives or legal department to allocate more time to their union members with more technical issues, thus increasing accessibility to and membership of the union. 

2. Using legal databases – Our volunteers are have been introduced to legal databases such LEAP and CLIO to log client communication, enabling transparency and accuracy of information, they therefore have the foundational skills to work with any legal database.

3. Transfer facts to precedents – Our volunteers are involved in drafting representations, by using the data from fact-finding in the required precedent on the member’s behalf. 

4. Representations – Volunteers who demonstrate a certain level of skills and commitment, are willing to be trained to represent union members at employment tribunals.

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Trade Union Society



The TUS aims to be an inclusive, distinctive, socially sustainable, and impactful organisation.

Inclusive – We are inclusive to all prospective and current law students.

Distinctive – We seek to liaise with trade unions with the objective of supporting their members. The support provided leads to the procurement of legal work experience for the Society’s volunteers on an indiscriminate basis.

Socially sustainable – The achievement of social cohesion through the Society’s visibility on social media platforms as a means of nurturing its growth in terms of membership and our network of unions.

Impactful – Through the commitment of our volunteers, we aim to improve access to justice for the marginalised members of our trade union networks, while creating a community of future solicitors and barristers who adopts a holistic approach to the maintenance of the rule of law.


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